Reviews for The Grease Pig in NW Arkansas

"We are out of state and our daughter is at the University of Arkansas. She called us on a Saturday morning at 11am to tell us that her transmission was slipping and making odd sounds. We knew that she was due for a flush. I did a Google search for mechanics and this was the first one that I found. I was told that they close on Saturdays at noon and if she could get right over, they could get her in. She was there by 11:15. They changed her oil and flushed her transmission and had her out of there in a half hour. She drove around for awhile afterwards to see if the problem was fixed and it was! I was amazed how reasonable that they were. I believe it would have been twice as much where we live. They have definitely earned our business for the next four years that she is there."
- Monica Fleck
"I went in to get an oil change at 9:10a.m., got greeted right away and they started servicing my car. It's a great value too, as they visually check everything under the hood, top off all your fluids, vacuum the inside of your car, wash your windshield, check all your tire pressures, AND use Castrol Edge oil no less. When I had a question about a noise I hear from the engine, I received a knowledgeable answer right away from their staff, who followed up on my question by testing the engine just to make sure he doesn't hear anything suspicious.…I sat down at 9:15, and they completed the oil change and all of the aforementioned services by 9:35. I walked out right around 9:40. That's speed."
- Henry
"All of the mechanics are wonderful, intelligent, friendly people. They've performed maintenance work and troubleshooting work on my car such as oil changes, water pump changes, tune ups, radiator repair and many other things. I like taking my car there because they know how to take care of business and treat their customers right!"
- Henry Gallagher
"I know when I take my car to The Grease Pig that I'll be getting quality work done and won't have to come back for corrections. The staff there are always cooperative and everything gets done on time. Couldn't be better."
- A Google User
"I dropped off my car to get my CV Joints replaced. They did that in about an hour. Then.... and here is why they get 5 stars.... they fixed a hose, free of charge. My car had been sputtering after a few minutes of drive time.. The guy working on the car noticed, and tossed on an airline, and boom- No more sputter. It was that little above and beyond thing, that was a quick and simple fix, that you and I know could have cost in the hundreds if I took the car to a less than honest location... Didn't even charge me for it. I'll use them for any problem I have from now on. Did I mention that the price was the lowest estimate that I got, from 4 sources?"
- Greg
"The Grease Pig is amazing! They always take care of me and have we have a great relationship! All of my employees use them!!! -N.W. If I had to rate The Grease Pig on a scale of 1 to 10 it would be a 20! I've been going there for 5 years and I've had 2 trucks serviced. They have needed things fixed from oil changes to wheel alignment and critical filters and the quality is great! I love it they have a reasonable price, excellent service and qualified experts!"
- Kathy H.
"I cannot say enough good things about the Grease Pig. I went to the new location on College Ave. I had to drop my car off overnight. They said they wouldn't be able to get me in until 1:30 the next day. I had a phone call by 9:30 the next morning telling me what would need to be done to my car and the price. They were so friendly and the cost was below what I thought it would be! I am a younger girl and have had a lot of trouble with auto mechanics in the past because I obviously know nothing about cars. They were wonderful, fair and explained things to me in a way I would understand without making me feel dumb. They had my car done by 11 and called me to let me know and were even able to take my payment over the phone. They are incredibly friendly and really seem to love what they do. I will not go anywhere but the Grease Pig for any auto care needs in the future. I absolutely recommend them to anyone needing any auto repairs!"
- Jenny
"I have been using The Grease Pig for several years. They are Great! Always quick and they never try to pressure you into service/parts. They will tell you if they see something and give you a price, but no pressure to purchase. Staff is always very friendly."
- Jeremy L.

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